Welcome to experience Tero Lindberg's enchanting "Golden Trumpet Strikes Again" concert in Lieksa! This Finnish master of trumpet playing, who previously charmed the Lieksa audience with "The Return of the Golden Trumpet", returns to the stage in Lieksa. Lindberg, who has performed with numerous domestic and international artists such as Sunrise Avenue and the Leningrad Cowboys, as well as on television shows like MTV3's Stars Stars and Saturday Night Live Finland, brings to Lieksa a selection of his own works and classic trumpet pieces with renewed arrangements.

The concert will feature a selection of pieces from Lindberg's "The Golden Trumpet Strikes Again" album, which has gained popularity among both audiences and critics. Tero Lindberg, who regularly plays in several prestigious ensembles such as the Dallapé Orchestra and the Turku Jazz Orchestra, now brings his unique sound world and arrangement skills directly to the Lieksa audience. Don't miss this exceptional evening, where Lindberg's golden trumpet resonates once more, sparkling with new and unforgettable melodies!

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