Welcome to a musical story for the whole family. Our adventure travels along paths of melody where we encounter joyful tunes, surprising harmonies, and touching moments, awakening imagination and joy for all ages. This concert is like a colorful storybook, whose pages turn with the rhythm of music, each piece opening doors to new worlds.

Prepare to laugh, dream, and even dance, as the music takes us on an adventure filled with surprises and moments of joy. The Tuubakimalainen has enchanted audiences across Finland, from Hanko to Nuorgam and Vaasa to Lieksa, offering unforgettable musical experiences that unite generations.

Leading the adventure is the sparkling winner of the Gold Accordion Folk Music Championships, Ronja Pehkonen (2023), and the tuba magician Harri Lidsle.

Welcome to enjoy the joy of music and adventure, and to share unforgettable moments together with family and friends!

15,00 €
5,00 €

Please make sure that you pick the right amount of seats for the group ticket.
13,50 €