From the Heights of Koli to the Stars by flutist-poet Johanna Kärkkäinen and hornist Jaakko Välimäki is a concert mixing poetry and music, pondering nature, time, light and mythologies. Along with poetry there will be music by Claude Debussy, Olivier Messiaen and Johan Kvandal. Artturi Rönkä's piece for flute and horn will be premiered.

Ticket price includes entrance fee to the awesome Paateri museum area. Paateri, the home and studio of sculptress Eva Ryynänen, is a site of the Museum of Lieksa. It is located about 27 km from the town centre of Lieksa. Paateri consists of the artist's home, studio, church and café, all designed by the sculptress and full of her works of art.

22,50 €
20,25 €